Malaysia Trip 2005

I went on a four-day trip to the island of Langkawi in Malaysia this summer. What an amazing place for nature! I stayed in the Mutiara Burau Bay Beach Resort, which is advertised as being in a spot where the jungle meets the sea (website here). The beach is beautiful and the resort itself is teeming with wildlife, most notable of which are hornbills, monkeys and huge monitor lizards.

Mutiara Burau BayView across LangkawiBurau BayBurau Bay ResortMonitor lizardHornbillMonkeyMyna birds are very common

On one of the days, I took a boat to the marine park at Pulau Payar (another island) and enjoyed several hours of snorkelling above a coral reef that was so full of fish that it was like swimming in an aquarium. The highlights of that day were swimming with sharks and a barracuda, as well as meeting a few little clownfish. This day-trip only cost about 20 pounds (including lunch) and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Boat to Palau PayarFishbarracudaclown fishsharkgrouperfishjellyfish being eaten (?) by fishso many fishfishcoral

On another day I went for a hike through the jungle – VERY hot and hard work!! It was worth the effort though because I found a pair of big black forest scorpions.

trees in the junglesnake roadkillforest scorpionforest scorpiontermitesa termite nestbright bugbeetle grub

One thing I should say about Langkawi wildlife is that the monkeys are a bit of a pest. If you have a bag (especially a plastic shopping bag), then the monkeys will attempt to steal it and they are very aggressive. On the plus side, Langkawi is a quiet and friendly place with an abundance of nature. It’s very easy to get around the island (by taxi or rental car/scooter). I enjoyed a couple of days riding a scooter and there was almost no traffic. I loved stopping to look at the buffalos with egrets perched on their backs. I will certainly be going back to Langkawi before long.

monkeymonkey eating crispswater buffaloWater buffalo

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