Reptiles of Japan: 


Checklist of Japanese birds (with picture links) on Wikipedia: here

BirdForum is the net’s largest birding community, dedicated to wild birds and birding: 

Wild Bird Society of Japan:

Kei’s Gallery of bird photos:

Great Japanese birding blog:

Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of the world, containing over 2 million records about 10,000 species and 22,000 subspecies of birds, including distribution information, taxonomy, synonyms in several languages and more.

uk.rec.birdwatching guide to pronouncing hard-to-pronounce bird names (European):

uk.rec.birdwatching guide to the scientific names of birds:


The Phasmid Study Group has a new website with lots of interesting information on phasmids:

Interactive key to British coleoptera:

Lots of beetle photos (in Wakayama):

Tsushima Island Insects:
Very good butterfly pictures:

(Kyushu University professor) Shoichi Imasaka’s coleoptera site:

Interactive site for dipterists from all continents:

Kazu’s insect photo site (impressive collection):

Mr. Soda’s Beetle Gallery:
Mr. Soda’s Weevils (fantastic collection!):

Kyushu University Weevils Database (with photos):
Accompanying pdf checklist:

Good pictures of Japanese weevils:

Fumio Fukutomi insect site (lots of photos):

Entomological Science = Journal of the Entomological Society of Japan = (open access).

Robber Flies of Japan (fantastic site!):

Japanese hornets page (in Japanese) = (Includes useful key for identification).

Useful on-line entomology class from the University of Florida, Department of Entomology and Nematology:
Insect classification at NC State University:

Excellent site for Homopteran bugs in Japan: Auchenorrhyncha (Homoptera) includes insects such as cicadas, leafhoppers, spittlebugs and treehoppers etc. In English and Japanese.

Another site on Japanese bugs (Hemiptera):

PADIL: Pests and Diseases Image Library (Australian government site):

Insect database at Gifu University:

KONCHU entomology database at Kyushu University in Japan:

Useful introduction to the classification of insects:

Diptera of Japan (wiki). Set up by Osamu Furuta, this site is useful for fly identification.

Ant image database: = Japanese Society of Applied Entomology and Zoology. = website of FUKUHARA, T. (Dr.) Dept. of Environmental Education, Fukuoka University of Education. Lots of insect photos (and other wildlife). = Fantastic insect photos by Manabu Kobayashi (in Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa).

Another personal insect site – lots of great photos:
His beetle thumbnail page is very useful! = A list of Ichneumonidae in Japan (by Ministry of Agriculture entomologist) Another great photo site by someone in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa. (I can’t find the person’s name on the site) = Mosquito information = butterfly-watching tours list = Ladybird beetles of India (many also present in Japan)

Caterpillars: Two excellent sites:


Japanese Society for Odonatology:
JSO specimen pictures:

Dragonflies at Tomboy’s site:

Japanese dragonflies database (with photos):


Jumping Spider Photo Gallery (Japan):

Fish = Fishbase (database of fish photos for identification)

Mammals = Aki Matsumoto’s website on Japanese mammals. = The Mammalogical Society of Japan. Note: their journal, Mammal Study, is in English and the articles are available online (here).

Plants = Great website for plant identification. = Another useful plant website.

 Japanese plants:

Other Nature Links

ARKive is a not-for-profit initiative of Wildscreen (, a UK-based charity, whose mission is ‘to promote the conservation of nature and public appreciation of biodiversity, through the power of wildlife imagery’.

Biodiversity websites in Japan (useful lists):

CiNii = The Citation Index of the National Institute of Informatics has approximately 2.8 million full text articles (PDF). Many are open access.

Tree of Life Project (classification):

Pronouncing scientific names:

About Japan

Hanami Web (interesting articles about Japan):

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