Long-legged Centipede

I was looking for beetles under the bark of a rotten tree when this long-legged centipede ran out = quite a surprise! I guessed it was harmless enough so I caught it and took a few photos. Later found out that it is sometimes known as a house centipede (geji) and some people regard them as beneficial creatures because they eat things like cockroach nymphs. However, with its long legs and high speed, I think most people would try to squash it if they saw one in their house!!
Thereuonema tuberculataThereuonema tuberculataThereuonema tuberculataThereuonema tuberculata

Myriapoda: Chilopoda
Thereuonema tuberculata

9 thoughts on “Long-legged Centipede

  1. These centipedes are not poisonous (to humans).
    The bad ones in Japan are called “mukade.”

  2. Hi Kurt,
    I guess these centipedes also prey on spiders, but not very big ones. I wonder what kind of arachnids are “taking over” your house. I don’t mind spiders in the house and they are useful at reducing the real pests like cockroaches and mosquitoes. We don’t have any dangerous kinds of spider in our area, but if you live somewhere with dangerous spiders, you might need to control them. I found some useful advice here: http://www.pestcontrolcanada.com/INSECTS/spiders.htm
    Hope this helps,

  3. Hi Kurt. I am glad that you have helped me identify the strange looking creatures in my house. Thank God they are not poisonous, however, I still cannot handle them. I am a very anxious person and the site of these creatures in the house is quite unnerving. How can I control them in a safe and effective way?

  4. Same as angela….i’m glad they are nto poisones..but they are creapy as… and i’ve noticed baby ones crawling on my wall…… which makes me very un comfortable..how do i get rid of them

  5. Geji! One of these creepy crawlers popped into an izakaya i was eating at and provided loads of free entertainment as the staff scrambled all over the place trying to get the stubborn guy out

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