Releasing the Snake

On my way to work this morning I took the black ratsnake that I’d caught yesterday and released it back into the field. I wanted to get a photo of me holding it, so that you’d be able to see how big it was, and luckily someone else stopped in the parking area next to the field. He was a bit surprised to see a foreigner standing there holding a snake (!) but readily agreed to take a photo. Then I put the snake down and watched as he slithered into the undergrowth. What a wonderful sight! There were plenty of frogs croaking away so I’m sure that he will find lots to eat and grow even bigger. I hope I get to see him again in a few weeks.

Elaphe quadrivirgata (karasu hebi)Elaphe quadrivirgata (karasu hebi)Elaphe quadrivirgata (karasu hebi)Elaphe quadrivirgata (karasu hebi)