Night heron

Walking through Fukuoka City, I looked down from the bridge over the Naka River and saw this night heron. It was standing on the concrete at the edge of the river, just below a busy food stall (yatai) in the city’s entertainment district. It’s amazing that such a beautiful bird would choose to look for food in this ugly location!

Black-crowned Night Heron = Nycticorax nycticorax = goisagi

goisagigoisagigoisagiNaka River and Kawabata

1 thought on “Night heron

  1. Nigel

    Fascinating site. Thanks. My wife and I have just spent three terrific weeks in Japan. We saw about 45 bird species, rarely in big numbers, maybe more species as the small passerines are so difficult to identify. Your website has been very helpful and pleasing.

    Two questions if you kindly can spare the time…

    On 31 Aug, on a sandbank in the stream alongside Canal City, Fukuoka, we saw 15-20 small waders feeding. Shortish legs, thrush-sized, typical wader colours. I can’t find them in my two Japanese bird books (500 yen jobs and limited to the common species).

    Also, from the train en route Takayama-Toyama, in a very steep timbered valley, we saw briefly a large bird (almost the size of a rugby ball) way below us, flying from a stretch of river steeply up into the riparian trees. It was brown with black streaks. Could it have been a Blakistons fish owl?

    Lots of other queries, but will work my way through Wikipedia if I have time.

    Thanks and good luck

    Rob Youl

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