Rhinoceros Beetles

The children insisted on buying a pair of Japanese Rhinoceros Beetles (kabutomushi). They are now enjoying life in a big tank in our living room, stuffing their faces with fruit jelly (which I’m sure is not a common food in the wild!). This is a breeding pair so we hope that the female will lay eggs soon and then we can see the whole life cycle.

These beetles are magnificent creatures and are very popular summer pets in Japan. The ones we bought were relatively cheap at 2,000 yen for the pair, but the most expensive ones (bigger tropical species) in the same shop were 21,000 yen each!

Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle = kabutomushi = Allomyrina dichotoma

Rei reading about his new petsJapanese Rhinoceros BeetleJapanese Rhinoceros Beetle (male)Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle (female)