Black and Red Carpenter Ant

The highlight of my day today was going for a walk through our local forest park (fureai-no-mori). I found several of these large (8mm) black and red carpenter ants feeding on the nectar of wild strawberry flowers.

Camponotus hemichlaenaCamponotus hemichlaenaCamponotus hemichlaenaCamponotus hemichlaena

More information at JAnt: here

Hymenoptera: Formicidae
Camponotus hemichlaena
Carpenter Ant = Nishi-muneaka-oo-ari

Location: Fureai-no-mori near Munakata Common (map).

1 thought on “Black and Red Carpenter Ant

  1. i think that ants are special and
    that they can be pest but they desive to be on this earth more then we do i mean they were here before us and be here after us

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