Tiger Keelback

This little tiger keelback (yamakagashi) was sitting in a bush next to the path and allowed me to get close enough for a few good photos.

Rhabdophis tigrinusRhabdophis tigrinusRhabdophis tigrinus

Reptilia: Colubridae: Rhabdophis tigrinus
Tiger Keelback or Japanese Water Snake = yamakagashi

Location: In sweet chestnut grove next to Munakata Common (Google map)

2 thoughts on “Tiger Keelback

  1. i also have this kind of snake,but not sure if its safe to have it…
    what would happen if a child is bitten by a tiger keel back snake? how will i know if a child is really bitten by this snake?
    can this snake kill once bitten?

  2. what are the symptoms?
    the child is only 2 and half yrs old…
    i live in japan..and cant not explain it to the doctors because they do not speak english

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