Saw Stag Beetle

I don’t usually do this, but today I broke open a rotten tree stump to see what I could find. Well, what a find! Inside the stump was this large stag beetle (60mm) with perfectly formed mandibles. I found one last year, but it was small and the mandibles were straight (see here).

Prosopocoilus inclinatusProsopocoilus inclinatusProsopocoilus inclinatusProsopocoilus inclinatusProsopocoilus inclinatus

Coleoptera: Lucanidae
Prosopocoilus inclinatus
= nokogiri-kuwagata (saw stag beetle)

Location: forest area near Ikeda Village in Munakata (aerial photo)
Map: Google map link

2 thoughts on “Saw Stag Beetle

  1. beautiful! we were at tamako lake yesterday and my oldest son really wanted to find one of those, but alas we did not.
    i’ll show him your find though. i think it’ll inspire him.

  2. nice I live on the countryside outside Gifu-shi and I think it was one of these I saw hanging on the door to the school. Really amazing.

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