Actias artemis

On my way home late last night I thought I’d visit one of my favorite signboards. You can see why it’s my favorite from the first photo below – it’s usually covered in moths at this time of year! The best moth find last night was this Saturniid (oomizuao), which is similar to the Luna Moth in America (here). This one was way up on the signboard, so I reached up with a stick to try to get it into a better position, causing it to fall to the ground! It was exhausted and just flapped weakly in the wet grass. I picked it up gently, took some photos and then put it on a nearby bush. As they don’t have mouthparts and cannot feed, these moths only live for a week or two. Such transient beauty…

Signboard near Fukuoka University of EducationActias artemisActias artemisActias artemis

Lepidoptera: Saturniidae
Actias artemis
= oomizuao

Location: Signboard near Fukuoka University of Education.
Google map: here

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