This huge bumblebee (toramaru-hanabachi) was flying around taking nectar and pollen from dead nettles. I’m very happy with the shot of the bumblebee in flight.

Interesting site: UK Natural History Museum “Bombus Project” Bumblebees of the world

Bombus diversusBombus diversusBombus diversusBombus diversus

Hymenoptera: Apidae
Bombus diversus
Bumblebee = toramaru-hanabachi

Location: Near the lake above Yokoyama Village (Google map)

2 thoughts on “Bumblebee

  1. lovely photos. thanks for that link. my children are particularly interested in bumble bees of late. i think one made a nest last year on our balcony and has recently been buzzing in and out of our lives.

  2. It’s good if your boys are not afraid of bumblebees. They (the bees) are big and noisy, so they can be intimidating, but I think they’re pretty harmless really – unless you grab one in your hand of course…

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