Koala Weevil

“Koala Weevil” is not the official name of this weevil, but it doesn’t have an English common name and Aya thought it looked like a koala hugging a branch! If you look closely, it has what are probably tiny aphid nymphs on the end of its rostrum (“nose”).

Interestingly, this weevil is being tested as a biological control agent for the invasive buddleia (Buddleja davidii) in New Zealand. NZ Plant Protection Society article here (pdf).

Mecysolobus erroMecysolobus erroMecysolobus erroMecysolobus erro

Coleoptera: Curculionidae (weevils)
Mecysolobus erro = hohojiro-ashinaga-zoumushi (literally: white-cheeked long-legged weevil)

Location: Edge of a field near Genkai New Town (google map)