Scarlet Longhorn

There were several of these scarlet camphor longhorns (kusu-beni-kamikiri) on a sweet chestnut tree in the park (where I found the frogs). They were very cooperative – easy to catch and easy to photograph. I wish all insects would pose so nicely!

Pyrestes nipponicusPyrestes nipponicusPyrestes nipponicusPyrestes nipponicusPyrestes nipponicusPyrestes nipponicus

Coleoptera: Cerambycidae
Pyrestes nipponicus = kusu-beni-kamikiri
= scarlet camphor longhorns

4 thoughts on “Scarlet Longhorn

  1. hello! just stumbled on your page while trying to identify a large spider that was in my house. i live out in the inaka of chiba-ken, and i just gotta say…i wish i was as brave as you when it comes to picking up creatures! i usually opt for the cautious, 200mm zoom method. 😉
    anyway, great site you’ve got here!

  2. Hi Tommy,
    Good to get your message.
    The most painful thing I picked up was a very small stag beetle (kuwagata) that decided to pinch me – the little bugger actually drew blood!
    The big spider in your house might have been a huntsman spider (ashidakagumo).
    Those are fun to pick up!!

  3. Hi Nigel
    If you get a chance, can you have a look at the photos on the latest post on my website? I found a large moth and I don’t know what species it is. Also, I found what looks like a pellet from a small owl and would like your opinion on it.

  4. Hi Nigel,

    Just found your excellent site while googling for the ID of a pair of robber flies I photo’d in Narita yesterday (I’m from the UK but work for an airline: I’m mainly a birder but have caught the insect “bug” lately). My brother Nial used to live in Fukuoka, and we went to a small offshore island out there a couple of times – a nice part of Japan. Anyway, if you’d like to exchange links my (far smaller)site is at


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