Little Stag Beetle

The first stag beetle of the year: Little Stag Beetle (ko-kuwagata). This one was running up a bank at the side of a path next to a pond (near Konominato in Fukuoka). This species is very common in Japan, and its range extends throughout the whole country and much of East Asia.

Dorcus rectusDorcus rectusDorcus rectusDorcus rectus

Coleoptera: Lucanidae
Dorcus rectus = ko-kuwagata (little stag beetle)

2 thoughts on “Little Stag Beetle

  1. Will your wrong they are not common here in yokosuka (KANTO REGION)I am a 11 year old i’ve learned and know how to look but I have NEVER found a stag before wild in my whole life tips please? I have lived here for three years i did own a Atalas stag beetle his hors looked like this from the to of it (!). But any way I just wanted you to know im useing your site to help me for my science fair project and your site is the ONE and only one that has been helpful for me even after looking for sites like yours for HOURS on GOOGLE!! But I to keep in touch with you that is if you get this message.

  2. Hi Trace,
    I’m very happy that you have found my site interesting. I really enjoy taking photos of nature and putting them on the web, so I love getting messages from people who look at them.

    If you want to find stag beetles, it’s best to go into the forest at night with a flashlight (torch) and shine it on the trees. I take my kids into the forest in the summer and we find lots of beetles! Please look here:

    Best wishes,

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