Burrowing Cockroaches

I’ve found several of these burrowing cockroaches in the past couple of weeks. They live in the forest and seem to especially like woodpiles. My daughter, Aya, and I both enjoyed holding and playing with the big black roaches, much to Shinobu’s horror! It’s easy (for us) to see why some people keep them as pets. Aya was quite sad when we had to release the one she was holding. You can watch a video of her playing with the roach (but the video file is 6MB I’m afraid).

Insecta: Pterygota: Blattodea
Burrowing cockroach: oogokiburi: Panesthia angustipennis spadica

burrowing cockroachburrowing cockroachburrowing cockroach on Aya's handburrowing cockroach

VIDEO (6MB): Aya playing with burrowing cockroach

BBC article on pet cockroaches