Well, the weather’s hot and the mosquitoes are out in force again. I was trying to take photos of beetles in the forest this morning and, in the process, was donating blood to hundreds of mosquitoes. I need to start using repellent again. This species is called the Asian Tiger Mosquito or Forest Day Mosquito (Japanese= hitosujishima-ka) and it is pretty nasty! In fact, the scientific name for the genus Aedes comes from the Greek word for unpleasant or odious. It is known to carry dengue fever (but not in Japan luckily). The species is easy to identify with its black and white striped legs.

Link to Wikipedia article on this species: Aedes albopictus

Aedes albopictusAedes albopictus

Diptera: Culicidae
Aedes albopictus = Asian Tiger Mosquito = hitosujishima-ka