Jellyfish & more

Went snorkelling with my friends Bob and Chris in a different place to usual, near a small lighthouse just up the coast from Ashiya. Link to map and aerial photo here.

We immediately realized our mistake of swimming in the jellyfish season! The sea was quite choppy and the waves seemed to have concentrated lots of the little buggers in the cove. I thought I’d be OK with wetsuit, hat and gloves, but still managed to get stung on the face. Also stupidly caught a jellyfish with my gloved hand, which was OK, but then after letting it go I wiped the water from my face and found that the stings were embedded in my glove = not very pleasant at all. By the way, these jellyfish are a kind of box jelly (andon kurage) but they are not so venomous. They can leave a nasty welt across your skin but don’t do anything more serious. However, this will be the last day we get in the sea until next year!!

Two videos:
1) Box jellyfish (2.96MB)
2) Ray (1.48MB)

Phylum: Cnidaria; Class: Cubozoa; Order: Carybdeidae; Species: Charybdea rastonii


Despite the hundreds of jellyfish, the choppy water and the poor visibility, we found quite a few interesting things. When I have time, I’ll try to get around to identifying them:

crabcrab on Boblighthousefishrock fishshrimpsmall blue fishray