Lionfish & Eel

Very exciting dip in the sea today! Spotted a beautiful lionfish (kasago) and several eels (unagi). The lionfish was only about 50m out from a very popular beach, which is a little concerning since it has venomous spines. This is only the second time I’ve ever seen one despite swimming in this bay most weekends throughout the summer for the past few years. I swam around the lionfish for quite a while trying to get decent shots, but it was about 5m deep and I couldn’t hold the camera steady enough. I’ve seen eels many times before, but this was the first time I succeeded in getting photos.
By the way, the other two photos in this blog entry show some kind of flatfish. So well camouflaged until it moves.


Scorpionfish family = Scorpaenidae
Luna Lionfish = Pterois lunulata (but this needs checking)

Eel family = Anguillidae
Japanese eel = Anguilla japonica (but this needs checking)