Red longhorn

I went out specifically to find longhorn beetles today, so I was very pleased to find this nice specimen on oilseed rape (nanohana). It’s a red bamboo longhorn beetle (benikamikiri). I’d wanted to take it home to show the kids, but unfortunately it flew off just after I took the 4th photo – you can see that its wingcases (elytra) are beginning to open.

Purpuricenus temminckiiPurpuricenus temminckiiPurpuricenus temminckiiPurpuricenus temminckii

Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Purpuricenus temminckii (benikamikiri)

2 thoughts on “Red longhorn

  1. Hello!
    I live in the south east of England. We found a beetle eating leaves on our sunflower – we got him off and he went onto one of our terracotta pots and was eating the moss.
    We have never seen a beetle like it before!
    It looks like the one in your photo’s but it’s head is bigger and it had black markings at the bottom of it’s wings. Do you know if this beetle lives in England?
    Shall I send you a photo?

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