Spiky Leaf Beetle

At only around 5mm and looking like a bit of mud, these Spiky Leaf Beetles are not the easiest things to spot, but I’ve found two in the last few days.

Dactylispa subquadrataDactylispa subquadrata

Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae
Dactylispa subquadrata
spiky leaf beetle = katabiro-toge-hamushi

Location: Lane near Munakata Common (Google map)

Knotweed Leaf Beetle

I’ve started walking to the train station from my house — a distance of about 5km — and part of the walk takes me through fields and along a country lane. Very pleasant! It’s still only early Spring so there are not so many insects around but there are plenty of these Knotweed Leaf Beetles, probably a good thing as they keep the Japanese Knotweed in check, which is why they might be used in other countries as a biological control agent for the weed.

Gallerucida bifasciataGallerucida bifasciataGallerucida bifasciataGallerucida bifasciata

Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae
Gallerucida bifasciata
Knotweed leaf beetle = itadori-hamushi

Location: Lane near Munakata Common (Google map)

Cabbage Bug

This cabbage bug was in the garden. Its name in Japanese is Na-game, where the “na” stands for “na-no-hana” (oilseed rape) and the “game” comes from “kame-mushi“, which means stink bugs.

Eurydema rugosaEurydema rugosa

Hemiptera: Pentatomidae
Eurydema rugosa
Cabbage Bug = nagame

Location: Munakata Common

Spring is here

Spring has arrived in Kyushu. The cherry blossom is in full bloom and we can see a few butterflies and other insects. I’m looking forward to finding some interesting things in the coming months.


Location: At the foot of Kodaiji-yama (Google map)