Plume Moth

Plume moths (toriba-ga) are easy to recognize because of their narrow wings, which stretch out in a T-shape when the moths are resting.

Platyptilia farfarellaPlatyptilia farfarella

Plume Moth = ezogiku-toriba-ga

Lepidoptera: Pterophoridae
Platyptilia farfarella (Zeller, 1867)

Location: in an orange grove on the side of Kodaiji-yama in Munakata (map)

Dung Beetle

Just as it was getting dark, I found this dung beetle (oosenchi kogane) trundling along a path in the forest.

See my previous post on this species: here

Geotrupes auratusGeotrupes auratusGeotrupes auratusGeotrupes auratus

Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae
Geotrupes auratus (oosenchi kogane)

Location: forest on the side of kodaiji-yama in Munakata (map)

Mantis at Ikeura Dam

I went for a walk at Ikeura Dam with the kids this morning. The final week of November but the temperature was a balmy 18 degrees C. We saw plenty of butterflies and grasshoppers, but the best find of the day was this giant praying mantis (oo-kamakiri).

Ikeura DamIkeura DamIkeura DamTenodera aridifoliaTenodera aridifoliaTenodera aridifolia

Class: Insecta; Order: Mantodea; Family: Mantidae
oo-kamakiri = Japanese Giant Mantis
Tenodera aridifolia

Link to Google map: here
(Note: The map does not show this reservoir because it’s a new one.)

Asian Red Admiral

It’s nice still to see so many butterflies flying around even though it’s halfway through November. I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of Asian Red Admirals (aka-tateha) over the years, but I will never tire of them. I like the way they settle on the path seemingly without a care in the world.

Vanessa indicaVanessa indica

Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae
Vanessa indica
Asian Red Admiral = aka-tateha

Location: Fureiai Forest Park in Munakata (map).

Green Bush-Cricket

In England we call these green bush-crickets, while they are called katydids in America. This bush-cricket had only one hind leg, but I took the photos from its “good side” and it posed nicely against the sky with a few autumn leaves in the background for good effect.

cow farmPhaulula macilentaPhaulula macilentaPhaulula macilenta

Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae

Phaulula macilenta = hime-kudamaki-modoki

Location: Side of road near cow farm close to Munakata Common (map).