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Paper Wasp Nest

We found this beautiful wasps’ nest this morning – in someone’s garden hedge. The kids thought the caps on the cells looked like tiny tennis balls. These are paper wasps (ashinaga-bachi) and they feed their young on chewed-up (= masticated) … Continue reading

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Snorkelling with Aya

Aya’s getting really confident in the sea now. We were snorkelling for an hour and a half, and we swam several hundred metres, but she was fine. The sea was full of box jellyfish (andon-kurage) so it was just as … Continue reading

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Saw Stag Beetle

Another of my finds last night under the signboard near Fukuoka University of Education. This small stag beetle is called a nokogiri-kuwagata, where nokogiri is the name of a traditional Japanese saw (for cutting wood), and kuwagata means stag beetle. … Continue reading

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Centipede with prey

I was looking for moths under a lighted signboard when I spotted this big centipede (mukade) sucking the life out of a small moth. It seemed like I had just missed the moment of capture. I would have liked to … Continue reading

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Epicopeia hainesii

It was great to find this ageha-modoki moth last night. It was in amongst the vegetation under a lighted signboard next to a major highway (Route 3) in Munakata. This species of moth is an amazing mimic, looking almost exactly … Continue reading

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Moth: Goniorhynchus exemplaris

Lepidoptera: Crambidae Goniorhynchus exemplaris kurozu-nomei-ga Location: path near orchards above Ikeda Village (map)

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Cyrestis thyodamas mabella

This species of butterfly often rests underneath leaves in the shade, so it’s sometimes difficult to spot. Beautiful marbled patterning on the wings. Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae Cyrestis thyodamas mabella ishi-gake-chou Location: path near orchards above Ikeda Village (map)

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Yokoyama Village

No fantastic photos today… Just had a nice time walking through Yokoyama Village and up past a small lake then into the forest on the mountainside. From our home it only takes 5 minutes on foot to get to the … Continue reading

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Large Hawk Moth

I found this large hawkmoth near the ramen restaurant signboard. It’s wingspan is more than 10cm, making it one of Japan’s biggest hawkmoths. Lepidoptera: Sphingidae Psilogramma incretum = shimofuri-suzume Location: Signboard near Fukuoka University of Education (google map link)

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Japanese Oak Silkmoth

Driving home from the cinema last night, I stopped to see what I could find on/around one of the most attractive (to moths!) signboards in the area. It’s a sign advertising a ramen noodle restaurant and it’s very near Fukuoka … Continue reading

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