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Scarlet Longhorn

There were several of these scarlet camphor longhorns (kusu-beni-kamikiri) on a sweet chestnut tree in the park (where I found the frogs). They were very cooperative – easy to catch and easy to photograph. I wish all insects would pose … Continue reading

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Black-spotted pond frog

Driving home from the Education Center in Sasaguri, I came across a nice little park on the side of a mountain. The pond was full of life, including lots of these black-spotted pond frogs (tonosama-gaeru) and their tadpoles (otamajakushi). Amphibia: … Continue reading

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Longhorn beetle: Oberea mixta

Coleoptera: Cerambycidae (Longhorns) Oberea mixta = nise-ringo-kamikiri (Apple borer)

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Emperor cranefly

This is the second time I’ve found one of these huge craneflies (Mikado gaganbo), but the last time I couldn’t get decent photos. I actually trod on this one by accident and it suffered no harm, so they seem to … Continue reading

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Little Stag Beetle

The first stag beetle of the year: Little Stag Beetle (ko-kuwagata). This one was running up a bank at the side of a path next to a pond (near Konominato in Fukuoka). This species is very common in Japan, and … Continue reading

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Greater 28-spotted ladybird

I found a field on a mountainside that I’d never visited before (between Munakata and Okagaki). Lots of insects but I couldn’t spend long there unfortunately (work to do…). Although they are common, I’m always happy to see 28-spotted ladybirds … Continue reading

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