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Longhorn beetle: Chlorophorus quinquefasciatus

In English we call this kind of longhorn a “wasp beetle,” but in Japanese they are called “tiger longhorn beetles” (torakamikiri). This one was on a tree in fureiai-no-mori and we were very excited to find it. Coleoptera: Cerambycidae Chlorophorus … Continue reading

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Managed to catch another huge bullfrog (ushigaeru ) on the way home last night. It seemed to be dazzled by my headlights and wasn’t too difficult to catch. I showed it to the kids and then took it to a … Continue reading

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Mole Cricket

We found this oriental mole cricket (kera) under an advertising signboard at night. Mole crickets don’t just look like moles, with their spade-like front legs, they also behave like moles, living in underground tunnels and eating worms and grubs (as … Continue reading

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We often see geckos (yamori) on our windows and doors at night – waiting to snap up any insects that are attracted to the light. They also sometimes come into the house, which makes us happy because everyone agrees that … Continue reading

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