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Spiders in the sky

It’s autumn and there are lots of big beautiful spiders all over the place. Some of their webs are truly amazing in size. Here are a couple of common species: Tetragnathidae: Nephila clavata (jorou gumo) Araneidae: Argiope bruennichii (nagakogane gumo) … Continue reading

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Long-legged Centipede

I was looking for beetles under the bark of a rotten tree when this long-legged centipede ran out = quite a surprise! I guessed it was harmless enough so I caught it and took a few photos. Later found out … Continue reading

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Rove Beetles

Found a group of more than 20 rove beetles (family: Staphylinidae) under some straw at the edge of a rice field. This species is probably Paederus fuscipes (aobaarigatahanekakushi). “Staphylinidae are one of the largest families of beetles, with over 45,000 … Continue reading

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Oil Beetle

This oil beetle (tsuchihanmyou) was sitting on my doorstep when I came home last night. As you can see in the first photo, it played dead when I first picked it up. Oil beetles are fascinating insects, and not just … Continue reading

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