Paper Wasp Nests

I found two paper wasps’ nests within 50m of each other in an area of undeveloped land near our house (we call this area “wild hill”). Actually, I was there looking for snakes (which I didn’t find this time). I nearly stepped on the first nest, but was looking carefully when I found the second. The wasps were so busy making their nests that they completely ignored my presence (thankfully!!)

Insecta: Hymenoptera: Vespidae
Paper Wasp (futamon ashinagabachi) = Polistes chinensis (14-18mm)
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Grassland where I found the nestsWasps making a nestWasps making a nestWasps making a nestWasps making a nestWasps making a nest

Sand Digger Wasps

There are lots of sand digger wasps in this area. They dig burrows in the sand and store caterpillars (and other insects) as food for their grubs. They are extremely strong and I’ve seen them carrying huge caterpillars.

Insecta: Hymenoptera: Sphecidae
Sand Digger Wasp (jigabachi) = Ammophila sabulosa (22-28mm)

Sand Digger WaspSand Digger WaspSandy area