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I have tried but so far failed to identify this species. However, in the process, I found a great resource: the Japanese Weevil Database. Coleoptera: Curculionoidea (species not yet identified) Location: Near Genkai town office (Google map)

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Scaphidium sp.

I will try to identify this species another time… Coleoptera: Staphylinidae (Rove Beetles) Scaphidium sp. (I think) = deokinokomushi Location: In orchards and bamboo/pine forest above Yokoyama Village (Google map)

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What a tough tick! It must have come into the house on my clothing (after hiking in the forest), and survived a ride in the washing machine. After this, it fell onto the floor and Shinobu trod on it and … Continue reading

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Mayflies in December

I found two kinds of mayflies (kagerou) today, next to a small stream that runs through the fields below Mt. Yukawa. I haven’t even attempted to identify them yet. Insecta: Ephemeroptera Mayflies (kagerou)

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