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Red Swamp Crawfish

My kids have found crawfish/crayfish (amerika-zarigani), but I hadn’t caught any before, so I decided to try my luck today. I went to a stream near Hyoutan Pond (2km from home: map here) and turned over a likely looking piece … Continue reading

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Red-clawed crab

We went to a restaurant near the sea last night and, when we came out, we saw several red-clawed crabs (akate-gani ) scavenging in the garbage area of the restaurant. The kids wanted to see them up close so I … Continue reading

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Giant Hermit Crab

We took a group of kids out to Ohshima Island, which is a 30-minute boat trip from our nearest port. Everyone was playing in the shallow sea and on the beach when one of the kids called me over because … Continue reading

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