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Japanese badger

To be honest, I didn’t even know that we had badgers in our local area, and then one day I saw what I thought was a wild boar (which we have plenty of)… Then, when I looked at the, admittedly … Continue reading

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Japanese Marten

I was very lucky today! I was standing stock still leaning against a tree, trying to take a photo of a woodpecker, when I heard a rustling in the ferns nearby… It was a Japanese marten (ten) and it hadn’t … Continue reading

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Japanese Weasel

I’ve seen weasels (itachi) many times on my walks and when driving my car, but this was my first chance to get some photos. I was walking along a road in the countryside near my home and luckily saw the … Continue reading

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Harvest mouse

This juvenile harvest mouse (kaya-nezumi) was sitting on a fern right next to the path. It posed for a couple of photos and then scrambled off into the undergrowth. Class: Mammalia; Order: Rodentia; Family: Muridae Micromys minutus = Harvest mouseĀ (kaya-nezumi)

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