Swallowtail butterfly

On my way to the station this morning I found this newly emerged black swallowtail butterfly (jakou ageha) next to the remains of its chrysalis on a tree. It was exciting enough to find my first black swallowtail of the year, but still more exciting is the fact that this species shows Mullerian Mimicry (wikipedia article here) with a moth I photographed last year (here). I’ve combined the two in the fourth picture below so that you can compare them. As you can see, they are nearly identical. Remarkable!

Atrophaneura alcinousAtrophaneura alcinousAtrophaneura alcinousAtrophaneura alcinous

Lepidoptera: Papilionidae
Atrophaneura alcinous
Oriental black swallowtail butterfly = jakou ageha

Location: Yamada Village near Akama (Google map).