Leaf Rolling Weevil

Caught a glimpse of something red and very nearly passed it by, thinking it was a ladybird, but decided to have a closer look. Surprised to find that instead of a ladybird it was my first leaf rolling weevil (ashinaga otoshibumi). Very pleased with this find. I’ve seen them in books before, but had no idea that they lived around here. These beetles are quite strange-looking with elongated heads and thickened forelegs (femur). Called leaf-rollers because the female beetles lay their eggs on leaves and then roll the leaves up into protective cases for the young.

Phialodes rufipennis02Phialodes rufipennisPhialodes rufipennis

Super-family: Curculionoidea (weevils)
Family: Attelabidae (leaf-rolling weevils)
Species: Phialodes rufipennis (ashinaga otoshibumi)
[Link to info: http://www.d1.dion.ne.jp/~k_izawa/.]

Location: village lane near Munakata Common
Plant: Umbelliferae (seri); hedge parsley? (yabujirami?)

Phialodes rufipennisPhialodes rufipennis

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