Friendly fish

Went snorkelling again today – the third time in three days! The tide was out and I managed to hold onto a rock so that I could take some reasonable photos of fish. The best experience was meeting a little yellow and black ishidai who just couldn’t keep himself away from me! I scratched the surface of the rock to release a few morsels and he went crazy, trying as hard as possible to snap up the cloud of bits. I assumed that this was an adult fish but later found out that this species grows up to 80cm long and changes colour completely (see this picture). The young fish are famous for their curiosity.

[As usual I’m not very confident with fish identification, but hopefully these are correct.]

Barred knifejaw (or Striped Beakperch) = Oplegnathus fasciatus = ishidai

Spottedtail Morwong = Goniistius zonatus = takanohadai

A kind of wrasse = Halichoeres bleekeri (?) = honbera (?)

Beautiful sunset today!!