Katydid: Gampsocleis buergeri

These huge katydids (bush-crickets) are everywhere at the moment. They sit perfectly camouflaged on leaves and then half jump, half crawl into the foliage making so much disturbance that it’s like a much larger animal is lurking there. Once you get used to spotting them before they disappear, it’s possible to sneak up and take photos.

Gampsocleis buergeriGampsocleis buergeriGampsocleis buergeriGampsocleis buergeri

Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae
Gampsocleis buergeri
Japanese katydid = kiri-girisu

Location: Yokoyama Village near Munakata Common (Google map link)

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  1. A particularly large one of these jumped into the spokes of my front bicycle wheel at speed once. Nearly had me off the bike and you wouldn’t believe the mess it made!

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