Dragonfly: Anotogaster sieboldii

Magnificent!! This is the largest species of dragonfly in Japan and, at 10cm long, it’s an impressive sight. This one was zooming around a clearing and it flew just above my head several times before settling on a remarkably convenient perch — convenient enough for me to sneak up and take lots of photos. I was amazed at how tolerant he was of me and I managed to get within about 50cm before he flew away. A few fly-bys later he settled back on the exact same plant so I took even more photos. I loved the way he cleaned his big green eyes with his forelegs — he’s got to keep his eyes clean to hunt on the wing.

Anotogaster sieboldiiAnotogaster sieboldiiAnotogaster sieboldiiAnotogaster sieboldii

Odonata: Cordulegastridae
Anotogaster sieboldii
golden-ringed dragonfly = oni-yanma

Location: Yokoyama Village near Munakata Common (Google map link)

4 thoughts on “Dragonfly: Anotogaster sieboldii

  1. I just strayed upon your site a couple of days ago after looking up chadokuga. Several caterpillars fell on me earlier in the week. They have an impressive mode of defence, don’t they?

    Thanks for putting up those wonderful dragonfly pictures. A handsome beast indeed. By the way, I have two young boys and tend to call all insects (except biting mosquitoes and obviously female stag beetles) “he”. Is your Anotogaster a male? How do we tell?

    Great site. Keep up the good work.

    Marc Williams (Hiroshima)

  2. Hi Nigel,

    I’ve just produced three heaps of steaming compost by mixing chicken manure with leaves, and some little grey bees are showing a lot of interest in it. I think they might be leaf cutters or some other solitary type. Is this behaviour that you might recognize? I could probably get a photo of them if that would help with identification.



  3. Hi Nigel,

    I noticed you’ve taken quite a hiatus from posting. I hope that you come back with more news from Japan. Your blog has been very helpful.



  4. Yeah I was just in Kanazawa and I got a chance to take a number of photos of the same species. These golden dragon flys seem to be more friendly than the large green ones. She came to me and sat beside me, while I used my camera very close to take tons of photos.
    Very interesting. I’d also love to know how to tell the gender too!

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