Snorkelling with Aya

Aya came with me snorkelling at Kanezaki today. It was her very first time and she did really well (especially considering she’s only nine). We swam out about 200m from the shore and snorkelled for about one and a half hours. There was so much to see and Aya couldn’t get enough! She wants to go again tomorrow!

Aya snorkelling (first time) Aya snorkelling (first time)bora (I think!)bora (I think!)
We had some excitement when a huge shoal of 40/50cm-long fish (bora) suddenly engulfed us. They were swimming really fast and a few of them actually bumped into me. I’ve never experienced anything like it before!

The fish above is called ohagurobera in Japanese. Cocktail Wrasse = Pteragogus flagellifer.
[I hope this identification is correct – it looks very different on some fish web sites.]

moon jellymoon jelly
Moon jellyfish = mizukurage

Can you see the flatfish?sponge
Can you see the flatfish in the picture on the left? This was a tiny flatfish and it was incredibly well-camouflaged. I only knew it was there because I’d seen it move. The picture on the right shows a pretty little sponge.