Damselfly: Calopteryx atrata

This species of damselfly is very common and I almost always see them when I’m walking in the local forests in summer. They gather in large numbers along the forest paths and it’s wonderful to see them flitting around with their dark wings and metallic green bodies. I think that’s one of my favourite sights in the summer. (I just wish I could stand still and watch them for longer BUT the damn mosquitoes prevent that!)

Calopteryx atrataCalopteryx atrata
Left = male; Right = female
Calopteryx atrata
The 3rd photo shows 7 or 8 of these damselflies sitting on leaves.

Odonata: Calopterygidae
Calopteryx atrata
Damselfly = haguro-tombo

Location: forest area near Ikeda Village in Munakata (aerial photo)
Map: Google map link