Longhorn Beetles

Today was Longhorn Beetle day for me! I went out for 4 hours between downpours and walked around my local area to see what I could find. Everywhere I looked I spotted longhorns: 9 species in total. Not bad. Well, just to put that figure into perspective… there are about 800 species of longhorn beetle in Japan!

Psacothea hilaris hilarisPrionus insularis
Left = Psacothea hilaris hilaris; Right = Prionus insularis

Chlorophorus quinquefasciatusChlorophorus annularis
Left = Chlorophorus quinquefasciatus; Right = Chlorophorus annularis

Paraglenea fortuneiAllotraeus rufescens
Left = Paraglenea fortunei; Right = Allotraeus rufescens

Uraecha bimaculataMesosa longipennis
Left = Uraecha bimaculata; Right = Mesosa longipennis

Monochamus subfasciatus
Monochamus subfasciatus

Coleoptera: Cerambycidae:
Longhorn beetles = kamikiri

Location: Munakata Common (Google map)