Longhorn: Leptura ochraceofasciata

It’s very hot and humid today and rain is forecast so I almost didn’t go out… But I couldn’t resist the urge to go and look for beetles! The best find of the day was this flower longhorn beetle, which I’d never seen before. It’s very wasp-like in appearance.

Leptura ochraceofasciataLeptura ochraceofasciataLeptura ochraceofasciataLeptura ochraceofasciata

Coleoptera: Cerambycidae
Leptura ochraceofasciata
Four-banded flower longhorn beetle (my translation) = yotsu-suji-hana-kamikiri

Location: Near Genkai Golf Club in Munakata (map here)

3 thoughts on “Longhorn: Leptura ochraceofasciata

  1. Hello!

    I stumbled across your blog while looking up different species of beetles as I was trying to identify one I had found near one of my schools (turned out to be a Prionus insularis, thanks!). You have some really amazing photos – thank you for sharing these photos and your knowledge! I am currently living in Fukuyama (Hiroshima-ken) and am completely fascinated by the diversity here, it’s so different from where I come from! What type of camera/lenses do you use to capture these wonderful shots?

    Hope to see more updates soon!

  2. Hello Angela!

    Thank you for leaving such a nice message. I’m glad that you like my photos and that my blog helped you to identify a beetle.
    You’re right, the diversity here is incredible. I guess it’s because we’re between a sub-tropical zone and a temperate zone, which gives us a bit of both.
    My camera: Sony Alpha-350
    Lens Sony 2.8/50 Macro

    You wrote “near one of my schools”. Are you an ALT in Fukuyama? How’s that going?

    Best wishes,

  3. Hello, again!

    Yes, I agree, I grew up in the arid Sonoran desert so this is definitely different (and exciting).

    Thank you for the camera info, I enjoy photography myself and am always curious about the equipment others use. I don’t have a macro lens but I am considering in investing in one.

    Also, yes I am an ALT here. We’re in our final week of teaching before summer break but I enjoy it. Fukuyama is not too crazy urban like Tokyo or Osaka (it’s apparently often referred to as the “country city”) and around the fringes are some fun natural areas to explore.

    Just last week I was walking near one of my schools (just besides a mountain range) and I spotted some raspberries as well as these frighteningly large, web-less spiders.


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