Ozotomerus nigromaculatus

I walked the 6km from the train station to my house last night — arriving home around midnight. This was by choice of course because I wanted to check for insects on all the vending machines, which act as great light traps in the countryside. There are about 20 on the way home. I found a few moths, bugs, and beetles. The most interesting was this fungus weevil; something I’d never seen before. It is not a true weevil because it lacks a rostrum (“snout”) and this species has unusually shaped antennae.

Ozotomerus nigromaculatusOzotomerus nigromaculatusOzotomerus nigromaculatusOzotomerus nigromaculatus

Coleoptera: Anthribidae (fungus weevils):
Ozotomerus nigromaculatus
Fungus Weevil = futamon-tsutsu-hige-naga-zoumushi

Location: Munakata Common (map)