We took a group of kids out to Ohshima Island, which is a 30-minute boat trip from our nearest port. Everyone was playing in the shallow sea and on the beach when one of the kids called me over because she had found a hermit crab (yadokari). She said it was a big one, but I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. The thing was enormous. I didn’t even know hermit crabs grew that big. In fact, we don’t often see shells that size, so this crab must have drifted from someplace else (in a storm maybe). Anyway, the Japanese people in our group wanted to eat it (typical!!), but I waded out into the sea and released it in what looked like a suitable location. I hope that it survives and gets even bigger!

Ohshima IslandOhshima Islandgiant hermit crabgiant hermit crab