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I created natural-japan.net a few years ago with the intention of using it to show my photos of nature in Japan. By July 2008, I had reached 500 blog posts. Since then I am afraid that I have been too busy to update the site. However, one of my new year’s resolutions for 2010 is to get started again. I have many thousands more photos of Japanese wildlife so there is no shortage of materials for the blog. I just wish I had a bit more time… You know how it is!

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  1. I understand about the time thing. With the blog I’ve done since I came to Japan, it sucks up so much time to keep it updated… totally find myself fallen behind on it all the time.

    I’ve been wondering about yours here… glad to hear you plan to get back to blogging eventually though. I really enjoyed many of the old posts of yours… look forward to seeing anything you happen to post in the future.

  2. Your site really helped me identifying things, just enjoying your comments and information, and persuading my wife (J) that wandering around in rice paddies taking photos of insects and stuff is normal for us non-J types.

    (I’m in Nara.)

    I think with the ages of your kids, your chances of becoming less busy are not great. But if you can leave the site up, with its index, I think it will really help people.

    I tried to send a message, or post a comment when you stopped posting stuff here to say you were missed.

    Thanks for the site, have a good year, and best wishes to you and your family.

  3. spotted something very fast yesterday in the foothills on Hachijo-jima. Was ginger colored, looked like a ferret or a weasel. Semi-bushy longish tail. Either its ears were down or it just is built with a sort of bullet head. Know what it is?

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