Epophthalmia elegans

I sat for half an hour in the baking heat (35 degrees C today) trying to get photos of these dragonflies (oo-yama-tombo) as they zoomed past me! I took around 100 photos and the ones below were the best.

Link to information on this species: here

Epophthalmia elegansEpophthalmia elegansEpophthalmia elegansEpophthalmia elegansEpophthalmia elegansEpophthalmia elegans
Epophthalmia elegans

Odonata: Corduliidae
Epophthalmia elegans
= oo-yama-tombo

Location: Pond near Yamada Village in Munakata (google map)

3 thoughts on “Epophthalmia elegans

  1. Hey,

    I read your little Gecko story and I just found one in my dorm yesterday.

    I wanted to take him outside, but he seemed so calm with sitting on my hand, that I kept him.

    I am currently trying to find something to eat for him.

    You seem to have a good knowledge about reptiles, do you think it is possible to have a yamori as a pet (i.e. will he eat/drink while being kept), or should I rather free him?

    Thank you for your Advice

    Christian Bausch

  2. Hi Christian,

    I’ve never kept a gecko for longer than a day or two before, but I think that they must be quite easy to take care of. I’ve seen them eating bugs and moths that are attracted to lights, so I guess you can catch those as food. Geckos are usually territorial and stay around the same place so we don’t need to keep them as pets – we just see the same individuals hanging around in their usual favourite spots.
    Good luck with your new pet!

  3. Hey, Nigel.

    I check in from time to time. I’ve been busy for a while, as you see from the dateline.

    But where are you?

    Why does your wonderful blog suddenly stop with no farewell or explanation?


    A fellow lover of nature in Japan,

    Ed Black

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