Sea Life

Spent another three hours in the sea today – mainly alone but the kids joined me for the final hour.

Rei and Aya in the seaAya snorkelling

I’m finding it very difficult to get the high quality photos I’d like to take. I guess one of the problems is that I’m only snorkelling and it’s very difficult to keep still underwater because, if I stop swimming, I float to the surface again (wearing a wetsuit). I’m learning to hold onto rocks or seaweed holdfasts with one hand in order to stay still. However, I can only stay down for a minute or so, which isn’t enough time for the fish to come back after I’ve disturbed them. I’ll need to learn to hold my breath for longer!! Also, because I’m only holding the camera with one hand, it’s difficult to keep it steady and manipulate the controls. I don’t know if it’s the camera or me, but getting pictures in focus is tricky. I’m sure my photos will get better with practice.

beautiful little fish (nabeka)beautiful little fish (nabeka)Mullet (bora) - 50cm longMullet (bora) - 50cm longwrasse (bera)a puffer fish (fugu) and another fish hiding under a rockanother kind of wrasse I thinkanother kind of wrasse I thinkSea anemone on rockSea anemone in sandstarfish (itomakihitode)starfish (itomakihitode) and sea urchinsmoon jellyfish (mizukurage) - a bit damagedrock fisha kind of sponge I think (with a hermit crab)there were lots of these tiny fish

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