Bamboo Longhorn Beetle

I almost didn’t take photos of these wasp beetles (tora-kamikiri) because I thought I’d already got plenty of shots of this species. However, I took a couple of photos to test out my new camera and when I looked at them, I realized that this was a different species to before. Lucky!

This is Chlorophorus annularis, and the previous species I found were Chlorophorus quinquefasciatus (here) and Grammographus notabilis (here).

Chlorophorus annularisChlorophorus annularisChlorophorus annularis

Coleoptera: Cerambycidae
Chlorophorus annularis
Bamboo longhorn beetle (bamboo borer) = take-tora-kamikiri

Location: In sweet chestnut grove next to Munakata Common (Google map)