Ant Lion adult

This adult ant lion had been attracted by the light of a signboard.

Glenuroides japonicusGlenuroides japonicusGlenuroides japonicusGlenuroides japonicus

I found another specimen not far from the first, but I’m not sure whether it is the same species (it looks a little different).

Glenuroides japonicusGlenuroides japonicus

Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae
Glenuroides japonicus
Ant Lion = hoshi-usubakagerou

Location: In vegetation under lighted signboard near Genkai Royal Hotel (Google map)

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  1. Andrew Butcher says:

    My name is Andrew, I am also a UK citizen, but was born and bred in Ecuador. I lived in the jungle area for 11 years and then moved to the UK. I have lived in Japan since 1998. My wife is Japanese and we have 4 children. I live in Sano, Tochigi and LOVE insects and other wildlife and really like your website. I always try to take good photos of Japanese wildlife and find out their names (Japanese and English). Your website has been useful to me too. I am also an English teacher and love hiking, exploring and taking photos! Thank you for your time. Andrew

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