Polyphylla albolineata

Several of these white-striped chafers (shiro-suji-kogane) had flown to the signboard near the Genkai Royal Hotel in Munakata. They make a weird little squeaking noise when you pick them up.

Polyphylla albolineataPolyphylla albolineataPolyphylla albolineata

Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae
Polyphylla albolineata
“White-striped chafer” = shiro-suji-kogane

Location: In vegetation under lighted signboard near Genkai Royal Hotel (Google map)

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2 Responses to Polyphylla albolineata

  1. Alejandro hernandez says:

    Hi, i found one of this spp. in guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico, and a will like know about this spp.

  2. Alison says:

    Dude they make me think of cicadas.

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