Spiders in the garden

I’ve been surprised at just how many different kinds of spiders live in our garden. Here are pictures of a few of them.

ant hunting spiders battle it outant hunting spiders battle it outant hunting spiderant hunting spider

The first four photos show an interesting little drama. These ant hunting spiders are tiny (not much bigger than ants themselves). The female caught an ant and the male seemed to want to take it from her. They had a brief tug of war, which the bigger female won of course. It was comical (but not so funny for the ant I guess!)

lying in wait under a flowerlying in wait under a flower

The spider waiting under the flower was pretty big (about 4cm across) and she had what looked like a very effective hunting method. As soon as anything landed on the flower, she was ready to grab it. I saw her fail on a bee, but I’m sure she would succeed on many other targets.

spider in its tunnel webinteresting websasagumosasagumo

I’ve not yet attempted to identify these spiders. Hoping to do so during the winter.

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  1. Very nice photos, and good information thank you. I saw a large Argiope bruennichii spider in Kyushu last week and they are very impressive.

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