Various Longhorn Beetles

Today was longhorn beetle day! We found three different species of longhorn beetles (kamikiri) near the house. The first two (beni-kamikiri and gomadara-kamikiri) were on a small oak tree in the park. The other one (ramii-kamikiri) was on a bush in someone’s garden. Actually, we found three gomadara longhorns today. This is such an impressive species of beetle – about 3cm long with 5cm long antennae! The picture I took with it’s antennae in the air is one of my favourite photos of all time, so this is now my desktop picture. If you’d like a desktop version yourself, you can download it here: desktop longhorn.

benikamikiribenikamikiriramii-kamikiriramii-kamikirigomadara kamikirigomadara kamikirigomadara kamikirigomadara kamikiri

beni-kamikiri = Purpuricenus (Sternoplistes) temminckii
ramii-kamikiri = Paraglenea fortunei
gomadara-kamikiri = Anoplophora malasiaca