What a tough tick! It must have come into the house on my clothing (after hiking in the forest), and survived a ride in the washing machine. After this, it fell onto the floor and Shinobu trod on it and then tried to squish it with some tissue paper. She threw the “dead bug” into the bin… However, later that evening I saw it crawling across the floor! It was then that I realized it was a tick. They do carry diseases in Japan (e.g. lyme disease and scrub typhus), so we’re going to be careful to check ourselves after hikes from now on.


Arachnida: Acari (mites & ticks)
= madani
(I hate to admit defeat, but I’ve not been able to identify this species yet…)

Location: Munakata Common (Google map).

4 thoughts on “Tick

  1. Hello Nigel I found 2 of these on Jacob last week. They were still tiny because they hadn’t sucked too much blood.
    Are there any wild rabbits in Japan?
    Who would read this website because it is about Japan but written in English?
    Hello to Aya and Rei and Shinobu, love Isobel

  2. Hello Isobel !!!
    You found them on Jacob – yuk!

    Yes, we have wild rabbits, but there are not so many. I think it’s too hot for them.

    Who would read this website? There are lots of people in Japan who are not Japanese (like me). It’s difficult for them to find information in English about the nature. Some people send me messages and some people only look.

    Anyway, my blog is a good way for me to keep all the pictures and information for myself. I look at my own website to identify things!

    Do you like finding the names of things that you see in the wild?


  3. i’m a medical entomologist and ticks do not carry scrub typhus, chigger do. FYI

  4. Scrub Typhus had caused death at my place yesterday, the 28th of October, 2011. A woman aged abt 54 had been found to have been bitten by the scrub, and eventually died after abt a week and a half. – frm : Zonuam, Aizawl, Mizoram, India

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