Spotted Scarlet Longhorn

A very beautiful longhorn beetle (kamikirimushi) flew into the garden this morning. It made a funny squeaking sound when I picked it up. The species wasn’t in my insect book, but I managed to find it after a quick image search on Yahoo. It’s called a spotted scarlet longhorn (hoshibeni-kamikiri). Here’s a useful site for identification of longhorns: Guide to the longhorns of Japan.

Below are some of the pictures I took this morning. There are also two short videos.

Eupromus ruber (Dalman) = hoshibeni-kamikiri

hoshibeni kamikirihoshibeni kamikirihoshibeni kamikirihoshibeni kamikiri

Video 1 (Quicktime 1.3MB):
Video 2 (Quicktime 2.8MB):

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